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The equipment manufacturing industry should go to the high end of the value chain and seek breakthrough development
2022-08-05 17:13:26 / Industry News / Source: Tech-Trek

"High-end equipment manufacturing, in a big way, symbolizes the core competitiveness of a country and involves the country's economy and national defense security; in small terms, it is related to the survival and development of many industries and enterprises." Chery Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. General Manager Wang Jinfu and other equipment manufacturing professionals said in an interview recently that China's machinery industry has developed rapidly in the past 10 years. China has become a veritable equipment manufacturing country, but it is not yet an equipment manufacturing power. The dream of "strengthening" must speed up the cultivation and promotion of the development of independent high-end equipment manufacturing industry by improving the ability of independent innovation.

Wang Jinfu said: "When assessing whether a country's machinery industry is strong, people are more concerned about the performance of several aspects - whether they have mastered the core technology of independent intellectual property rights, whether they have strong technical capabilities for major equipment, whether they have relatively A high share of high-end equipment, whether its mainstream technical equipment varieties and quality are in the world's leading position. In fact, it depends on how the high-end equipment manufacturing industry develops."

"In recent years, driven by the country's vigorous domestic demand and a number of incentive policies, China's machinery and equipment manufacturing industry has achieved strong growth in scale." Wang Jinfu said: "However, the core competitiveness of China's own brand manufacturing industry is generally not high. The high-end links in many industries are firmly controlled by foreign brands; at the same time, in terms of key components and core technologies, foreign brands have been 'stuck in the neck' for a long time."

Wang Ruixiang, president of the China Machinery Industry Federation, believes that my country has become a major equipment manufacturing country in the world, but it is an indisputable fact that "big but not strong" is an indisputable fact, especially due to the impact of the international financial crisis and the European debt crisis, my country's equipment manufacturing industry is facing There is a grim situation of interception in front of the attack and chasing troops in the back. Especially in terms of high-end equipment, developed countries such as the United States and the European Union have begun to take back the production and processing industries of high-tech, high-value-added equipment products from overseas to the mainland one after another, and have adopted many incentive policies, such as tax relief, Subsidy incentives, etc., encourage investors and manufacturers to return to the country.

Wang Ruixiang said that at present, the import of advanced technologies and the import of high-end products are still the harsh reality faced by my country's equipment manufacturing industry. High-end machine tools, high-end engines, high-end instruments and control systems all need to be imported from abroad. Among them, 90% of high-end CNC machine tools are imported, 95% of CNC systems are imported, and 70% of instruments are imported. In the field of basic parts, 70% of the high-end functional parts for high-end CNC machine tools need to be imported, and all the hydraulic parts above 30MPA required for large-scale construction machinery are imported. Almost all of the gear boxes, high-speed train brakes, and electro-hydraulic drive devices of large shield machines are imported. Although my country has carried out joint ventures and cooperative production with foreign advanced enterprises in terms of marine diesel engines, the key core technologies and brands are still in the hands of foreign enterprises, and my country has not yet gotten rid of the "part-time job" processing and manufacturing status.

Wang Ruixiang emphasized that for my country's equipment manufacturing industry, the most important thing is to speed up the construction of independent research and development capabilities. The state must find ways to provide policy support on the one hand, and integrate resources and organize technical research on the other hand. "At present, the strength of my country's scientific research institutes is still very scattered. We should find ways to integrate and concentrate, and colleges and universities should also consider how to participate. I believe that with the combination of several forces, our country will be able to gradually break through the technical bottleneck and make breakthroughs. The status quo that high-end equipment is monopolized by foreign companies has gradually formed a high-end equipment manufacturing industry that is led by high technology, is at the high end of the value chain and the core link of the industrial chain, and can enhance the core competitiveness of the entire industry."

Ren Hongbin, chairman of SINOMACH, said that the high-end equipment manufacturing industry is a concentrated expression of the level of equipment manufacturing and an important symbol of a country's national strength. The Party Central Committee and the State Council have clearly included it in the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period to accelerate its cultivation and development. strategic emerging industries.

In order to make good use of domestic market demand resources, accelerate the development of my country's high-end equipment manufacturing industry, and promote the upgrading of equipment manufacturing industry, Ren Hongbin and others suggested: First, use domestic market demand as a bargaining chip and operate according to market rules to force developed countries to transfer technology to my country, Relax the export control on my country's high-end equipment, and give up the import restrictions on my country's low-end products; the second is to formulate a procurement policy for high-end equipment that is conducive to independent innovation, and make it clear that the national key projects are obliged to do the supporting projects for the localization of high-end equipment. When bidding for project equipment procurement, priority must be given to purchasing domestic equipment; quotations from foreign investors should be calculated based on their actual transaction prices in the Chinese market 3 to 5 years ago, in order to prevent malicious price cuts from suppressing domestic enterprises that are new to the field in my country.


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