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Position:Purchasing Specialist

Gender: Any

Age: 30-45 years old

Major: Unlimited

Salary: Negotiate

Education: college or above

Number of recruits: 5

Job conditions:

1. College (inclusive) and above, majors in procurement management, electronics, plastics, etc.

More than 2.5 years of procurement work experience, more than 3 years of experience in the same management position, sales and procurement experience in foreign well-known electronic components companies are preferred.

3. Fully grasp the characteristics and nature of the materials required for the company's production, know the supply situation in the market, and understand the company's internal management process.

4. According to the requirements of supply chain management objectives, establish and maintain a healthy and competitive supply resource base, develop qualified new suppliers, and lead supplier performance management; material procurement costs

Position:Account Manager

Gender: Any

Age: 22-38

Major: Unlimited

Salary: Negotiate

Education: college or above

Number of recruits: 10

Job conditions:

1. Familiar with the electronic components industry, with purchasing and sales experience.

2. Have good communication skills, and have relevant work experience in well-known enterprises at home and abroad is preferred.

3. Have the ability to independently develop customers.

4. Salesperson positions are acceptable for fresh graduates of high-quality marketing majors.

Position:Electronic component engineer

Gender: Any

Age: 25-35

Major: Electronic Design and Engineering

Salary: 15000-20000

Education: Bachelor

Number of recruits: 3

Job conditions:

1. Bachelor's degree in science and engineering majors such as electronics and information engineering technology;

2. More than 2 years of experience in electronic component market sales management, with original factory agent related market sales work experience is preferred;

3. Familiar with communication, industrial, IOT, consumer markets, in-depth understanding is preferred;

4. Have a certain English foundation and good communication skills, under the age of 35;

5. Proactive personality, able to actively look for opportunities, with pressure resistance;

6. Have a sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit.

7. Strong customer development ability and ability to handle customer complaints.


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